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Chasz Rainsford

Chasz Rainsford

Born on August 19th, 1983, in Levittown Pennsylvania, Chasz Rainsford took an interest in art while attending Conwell-Egan Catholic High school in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. As a senior he received a creative achievement award as a participant in the Art Futures Program in the spring of 2001, the year he graduated. In the fall of 2001 Chasz attended Pennsylvania College of Technology to study Graphic Design. In this field Chasz studied a wide range of design, photography, sculpture, and painting classes.

In 2003 Chasz studied abroad in Australia at Central Queensland University. There his experience was influenced by the Australian and Aboriginal cultures. Chasz returned to the United States and graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2006. He then became a Webmaster for two e-commerce websites in Northeast Philadelphia. From there he continues a career in Interactive Development, designing and painting as a hobby.

If Chasz is not in front of the computer screen he is usually in the ocean, as he is an avid surfer. Among surfing, when the waves are flat, Chasz also enjoys running, fishing and spending time with family and friends. He has one older sister named Jillian Marie (Rainsford) Appleby, who is a school teacher. His father Glenn Rainsford, is a meat cutter and his mother, Rosemarie Rainsford is an office administrator.

Artist's Words

Chasz Rainsford on Crossing Color :

"Designing gives me a sense of unexpected control to communicate internal creativity to an external audience. After earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design from Pennsylvania College of Technology in the Spring of 2006, I worked for an e-commerce website in North Philadelphia as a Webmaster.

After two years of employment, the company downsized and relocated to Florida. The relocation and salary were not sufficient enough, so I decided to take the opportunity of available time and paint.

Living just outside of Philadelphia, one work free day, I took a visit to the Philadelphia Art Museum. I remember walking around the massive halls being blown away by the artwork that I had only seen before in Art History textbooks. Mondrian, Matisse and Picasso were just a few of the artists responsible for filling me with the inspiration needed to take the leap at becoming a visual artist.

Crossing Color was created with the main goal to express basic color as visual art. I assigned two perpendicular rectangles with a different primary color. The meeting is an off-centered square as the mixed secondary color. Behind this interaction is the complement of the secondary color, or the third primary color. To clarify further, a blue rectangle perpendicular to a yellow rectangle intersects to form a green square on top of a red background. I repeat this design creating a sequence of paintings alternating each primary, secondary, and complementary color.

This led me to discover that the relationship of the two perpendicular rectangles create an illusion of transparency at the point of intersection. Another innovation is the rectangles appear to fight each other. They toggle back and forth within the composition to show the responsibility for the square intersection. I chose a heavy bodied acrylic paint because the plastic base that this medium is mixed with gives a solid texture to the artwork and enhances the rawness of the colors."

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Chasz Rainsford is an Interactive Developer, Designer, Visual Artist, and Surfer. Click below to see more on this individual.


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